Updated 16th of September

The board and staff of Salem Church wish for us, and our members, to follow the guidelines from the government in regard to minimizing the spread of covid-19. In consequence, this means that we have introduced routine practices for infection control at our gatherings in Salem, and we have also reinforced our routines for cleaning. We also encourage our members to take extra care when meeting at gatherings in Salem, but also when we meet in smaller Bible study groups, small groups, and various committees. Show respect for others evaluations and contribute to the reduced spread of covid-19. 

We want Salem to be a safe place to enter, also in regard to infection control. The gatherings in Salem are to be in accordance with the law, and we also listen intently and make an effort to operate in compliance with recommendations given by the government. Our staff is responsible for the events in Salem, and will make sure that the necessary training and information is given to our volunteers, and also that participants at our gatherings are given adequate information in regard to infection control routines before, during and after the gatherings. On the bottom of this page you will find a document (in Norwegian) which elaborates on our routines for infection control, but in short we have four headings:  

Sick people are not to attend  – If you have tested positive for Covid-19, or should you have (even mild) symptoms of respiratory infection, you are not to attend our gatherings in Salem. If you are in quarantine you are not to attend our gatherings in Salem. Should you have had a respiratory infection and tested negative for Covid-19, you are welcome back to our gatherings when you have been free of symptoms the last 24 hours. 

Good hygiene – Good hygiene is important. Good rutines for hand wash and coughing/sneezing. We encourage you to wash your hands regularly with sopp and water, or by using the hand disinfection bottles placed throughout the building.

Keep distance and reduce contact – You are to keep at least one meter distance to other persons (of different households) throughout your stay in Salem[1]. We will make sure that this is possible, and will limit the number of people allowed to enter each room according to this. The maximum number of attendees is (per now) 200, but further limitations will follow with regard to the size of the room. These limitations will be controlled by the person responsible for the events. Hand shakes, hugs or other unnecessary physical contact is to be avoided. 

Limit shared use of equipment – Shared use of equipment/inventory is tom be limited to a minimum, and disinfection is to occur when there is a change of users. In consequence, for example song books or drawing pencils for loan for the kids are not to be used, and disinfection of sound equipment and instruments are to occur when there is a change of users. 

We ask of all our volunteers and attendees to respect these guidelines and strive to follow them to the best of your abilities. 

Board and staff

Salem Church



Here you will find more info concerning covid-19 from "Folkehelseinstituttet" in a variety of languages.


Infection control routines (in Norwegian) (Updated 15.09.20) 

Infection control, routines for cleaning (in Norwegian) (Updated 16.09.20)

Infection control routines, for kids and teens (in Norwegian) (Updated 27.08.20)

[1] Exceptions for kids and teens under the age of 20.