Updated 10th of May

The board and staff of Salem Church wish for us, and our members, to follow the guidelines from the local and national government in regard to minimizing the spread of covid-19. 

We also encourage our members to take extra care and follow the infection control guidelines that the government gives. Show respect for others evaluations and contribute to the reduced spread of covid-19. 


There are four pillars to counter the spread of infection, and we will take heed to run Salem in accordance with these four pillars when we are gathered:   

  1. Sick people are not to attend – Should you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have mild symptoms of respiratory infection, you are not to attend events at Salem. This is also true for those in quarantine. When having respiratory infection and negative test for Covid-19, you are welcome to join events in Salem if you have been free of symptoms the last 24 hours.  
  2. Good hygiene – It is important to maintain a good hygiene. This means washing your hands often, and having a good etiquette for sneezing/coughing. We encourage you to wash your hands often, with soap and water, or to make use of the hand disinfection gel found at strategic points in the building. 
  3. Safe distance and reduced contact – There is to be at least one meter distance between people (of different households) throughout the stay in Salem. We will facilitate for this, and in turn limit the number of people in each room accordingly. The maximum number of attendees is per now 10 people for events indoors, but 100 people if all attendees are shown to and seated at fixed seats (200 people for outdoor events). Further limitations may be determined depending on the size of the room, and will be controlled by the person responsible for the event. Hand shaking, hugging or other unnecessary physical contact is to be avoided.
  4. Limit the shared use of equipment – Shared use of equipment/inventory is to be limited to a minimum, and disinfection shall occur when there is a change of user. In effect this means that hymnal books or drawing equipment for the kids are not to be used, and that disinfection of sound equipment and instruments is to occur when there is a change of user. 

We look forward to be gathered again face-to-face, and until then we encourage our members to stay updated on the content that is published on our website and make use of this. There will be digital alternatives in place, both for Sunday service and Sunday school (in Norwegian). You can find more info on this by clicking here

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