Internasjonale helgeturer

International Weekends away

Every year we invite internationals together with Norwegians for weekends away. 

We always have a winter weekend for the whole family the last weekend of January in Sirdal. 

The last weekend of October we arrange a Women's Weekend at Holmavatn, Varhaug. 

You are warmly welcome to join us!

  • Påmelding og info

Påmeldingsfrist 21. - 23. januar 2022 AVLYST

Internasjonalt Kristent Fellesskap (IKF),

NLM Region Sørvest;, mobil 475 02 028

Bring a friend and come, or just come and make new friends! You are warmly welcome to fellowship with persons from all ages, backgrounds and nationalities! 

Arranged by: 
International Christian Fellowship (ICF)
NLM- Region Sørvest

IKF office:, Tel. 475 02 028