It is a different and strange time for many of us as we try to stop the spread of the corona-virus in our population. There are surely many who experience great challenges with juggling their own work commitments and children’s assignments, together with great uncertainties for everyone. There are many tips out on internet for good things to do for and with the children, for instance We do not wish to add to the ‘shoulds’ of the to-do-list now, but would encourage to spiritual fellowship with the children, where also they may find comfort and strength from the Word of God and in the fellowship of prayer. We would like to recommend these pages:


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Øystein & Chris

Øystein and Chris have planned a live broadcasting every day at 12am the whole week. Lots of fun, songs, competitions and more. He has also a page on youtube with lots of enternainment.

The live broadcast you can find on facebook at @chrisduweproductions  

The YouTube page is here

Sunday school chat

The Sunday School in Norway plan to produce a new Sunday school chat with Jonas and Julie every weekend from now on.